Work with me, increase your energy & joy

energy mentoring:


Is your energy just not improving?  Despite what some accept as "normal", being a mom does NOT mean you need to be tired all the time!  This 10 week private coaching program will give you the support to get back on track to being You - so that you can bring the joy back into your health, your relationships, your work, and your life overall. Learn more...

energy boost

The perfect opportunity: an energy boost session that is totally do-able. Learn more...

energy healing:

energy alignment

Relax, receive, and experience a shift into energetic alignment.  Being in alignment gives you the sense that everything in your life is falling into place. Learn more...

soul chart session

An energy healing session directed to a particular issue, project, relationship, or life challenge utilizing the wisdom and beauty of CCT Soul Charts. Learn more...



Let's talk and see where your energy is hiding and what's preventing you from living your amazing, joyful life.  No cost, no pressure!  

"Catherine is a very kind, gentle and wise soul. She is a gifted energy practitioner, operating in several modalities. An empathetic and wise counselor, Catherine is a great facilitator of healing and transformation. I have worked with Catherine on several occasions specifically using Crystalline Consciousness Technique.  I have found it to be for myself personally, as well as for my family, nothing short of life changing. I sincerely and enthusiastically recommend working with Catherine."
Washington State, U.S.


"I had no idea what to expect going in, but Catherine made me feel comfortable. The atmosphere on the phone felt safe and protected. It felt good to be guided through the blocks where I'm stuck, and be shown the potential for where I could go next. Since our work together - 1) I’ve found that one technique in particular has been an amazing tool to instantly change my energy to something positive and inspiring, and 2) I have been able to overcome some of my fears / blocks that were holding me back and move forward on the next steps in my business.
Catherine, thank you so much for the work you do!!"
Maryland, U.S.


"I started working with Catherine because I was having stress at my work, felt overwhelmed, and was not sleeping well.  I have really been enjoying our sessions. They are calming, make me feel very relaxed, and they’ve also helped me to realize what practice I can do on my own.  Now I am better equipped to handle my work stress, and my sleep has improved."

British Columbia, Canada  


"Gentle yet powerful. 

I was going through what would normally have been a rather stressful and panic inducing time, but instead, receiving energy healing sessions with Catherine, I felt very calm and strong, 

I know from experience that treatments are not necessarily effective when they are too intense or push your system too much, even if it's in the direction of healing, such as a massage that is too firm, and may initially feel more effective at loosening the muscles, but can quickly bring back the tension.  Catherine's energy treatments honored my body and what it was ready to receive in the moment, so that instead of burnout, I simply felt supported."

Misa Christina
Tokyo, Japan