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There are a couple of things that I especially love about Crystalline Consciousness Technique - one of the energy modalities that I work with as an Advanced Energy Practitioner:

  • It is very effective in clearing the way to help you move forward - gently,
  • and one of the ways of working with the energy is through these beautiful Soul Charts 

Soul Charts are created and infused with energy in a way that really focuses the healing toward a particular type of intention:

  • addressing the root of an issue in order to transform or clear it
  • energetically supporting a life transition (this can be a clear transition like birth, death, new job, a move, or a subtle transition like feeling something is changing in you yet you're not sure what exactly or what to do about it)
  • balancing chakras, or balancing the 4 subtle bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual)
  • supporting relationships or projects
  • bridging seemingly dualistic concepts in life (such as giving/receiving, autonomy/belonging, etc)
I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Soul Chart Session, but something about it really caught my interest. I love the chart, it’s so pretty, and the explanation that Catherine provided has given me a different lens to view what’s going on in my life.
The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that several days after the session, I realized that I was feeling a deep sense of happiness. I’ve had other types of energy work before but nothing has cleared whatever it was that was in my way like this has! I’m so glad I signed up for a session and it won’t be my last!
— Beatrice - British Columbia, Canada


Here's how a Soul Chart Session works:

1.  You let me know what your intention for the session is: for example, Are you stuck in some area of your life? Is there a particular issue that you would like to heal? We can clarify your intention either by email or phone/web conference, as you prefer.

2.  I deliver a remote energy healing session to you, using the Soul Chart that is most resonant with your current situation.


3. After the session, I will email/mail your Soul Chart to you, along with a written interpretation of the chart. 


$59 per session.


What do I do with the chart when I receive it?

Well, that really depends on you! Some people use it as a daily reminder, an anchor, of their intention and it helps to guide their day; others use it to meditate on the qualities that were uncovered during the session, as a way to inform their current life path (one woman refers to her session as a "reading" because of that); and some simply enjoy it as a lovely keepsake of the session, knowing the energy is working with their intention regardless.

I would like energy healing for a physical issue / for general balancing and restoring, will a Soul Chart Session work for me?

For physical issues, or help for relaxation and stress reduction, Energy Alignment sessions will be a better fit. A Soul Chart Session is best suited for a particular situation, idea, or block that you are experiencing.

Does it matter where I live?

No, all sessions are distance work, and the Soul Chart Session specifically is delivered while you go about your day.  Energy transcends time and space, it is the underlying component of all life, and so it will work with you no matter where you are.

Other questions? Contact me here.