A 12 week Energy program for TIRED MOMS


Is being too tired keeping you from doing the things you enjoy?
Is your lack of energy affecting your relationships?
Is your inability to stay focused and enthusiastic preventing you from doing your best work?
Are you making the most of this time with your children?


Imagine instead having abundant energy:

  • to be fully present with those you love,
  • to be the Mom you want to be,
  • to enjoy your life, your way,
  • and to be able to seize opportunities that appear before you.


My Story

When I was facing a "black hole" of exhaustion, I had no plan and no effective support to help me through.  That was almost 10 years ago now, but I still vividly remember how I felt.  I remember how every household task was a monumental effort, I remember not being able to think past the next errand, the next meal that needed to be prepared, trying to keep my focus at work, and worst of all, the looks on my children's faces when I could barely muster the attention for a board game much less participate in a ball game in the backyard.

My life was passing me by, and my children's lives as well. 

Thankfully, though I missed out on so much, I slowly and somewhat haphazardly found my way free.  To this day, I am grateful with every flight of stairs I easily do, whether it's exploring another castle on a family vacation or running upstairs to settle down for a bedtime story.

Looking back, I realize that it really wasn't any one thing that created The Comeback, but rather a series of steps, like pieces to a puzzle, that all contributed to rebuilding my energy and, with it, my outlook on life.

And so I have put together this program to show you the path back to energy and joy.  I say "back" but truthfully I feel I have surpassed where I started, beyond what I imagined I could achieve, and everyday is opening to new and exciting possibilities.

Join me on this path and leave the fatigue behind.

Apply for a Joyful Energy Discovery Session now.


How do you get more energy and a better quality of life?

The Details:  from tired to joyful energy

This program consists of weekly private coaching sessions (12 in all)
including healing alignment sessions throughout

Joyful Energy addresses your energy from four directions:

 Your Physical Foundation

what energy-boosting foods to add to your diet
easy lifestyle habits for optimal health
what nourishment really means and how it impacts vitality

 Your Emotional Energy

the surprising link between energy and joy
strategies to release your negative patterns that contribute to fatigue
how to make sure you are aligned with your own life

 Spirit and Passion as Energy

finding your personal flow
building connection through practice
evaluating where to direct your new-found energy to create upward momentum

 Your Thought Field

the power of creating through intention
shifting the everyday to work for you
the trick to creating space for your energy to grow

You'll also receive these Bonuses:

guided meditation
dietary recommendations and resources
personal energy-healing chartwork
unlimited email support between sessions


You may be thinking...

I'm tired, can I really manage this?

I do remember how that felt.  I have purposefully structured this program so that it is not overwhelming, and so that we can start working to build up your energy from the start.  Keep in mind too that a private program is particularly beneficial as it can be tailored to your specific situation.

Can't I figure this out on my own?

Sure, you may find what works on your own, but keep in mind how long you have already been feeling this way, and how long the "figuring out" will take.  I missed out on a lot  - how much more are you willing to miss out on?


Ultimately, my question for you is this:

If you do not start now, will you really be feeling any better in 12 weeks?

Do you have questions about the program to see if it (and I) are the right fit for you?

Are you ready for more energy and joy?

Apply for a Joyful Energy Discovery Session now.


A portion of each program fee will be donated to Plan Canada/Plan International, Because I Am a Girl initiative.