"Peace begins with me"

"Peace begins with me"

Like many people, the events of the world have me feeling somewhat discomforted and unsettled. Delving deeper, I’ve been feeling a greater awareness of each of us as individuals. As the saying goes, peace begins with me.

It begins with each one of us.

It begins in each of our families.

And when we can’t truly get a handle with what’s happening in our own hearts and minds, in our homes, and in our neighbourhoods, how can we expect events to transpire any differently?

So I offer these questions for you to ponder and journal about

21 days to form a habit? I don't think so!

21 days to form a habit?  I don't think so!

I've never believed - and honestly get a bit irritated when I hear it - that "it takes 21 days to form a habit." After all, I've done things for 21 days, or more, only to drop them again... and then wish I could more easily get back into a routine with whatever it was.

I don't think I'm a hopeless case, and I don't think I'm all that unusual either. So (naturally!) I figured the statement must be one of those things that is massively misquoted.

Well, it turns out I was partly right - and partly wrong too.

Easy beet and apple salad

Easy beet and apple salad

We all know we need to eat more veggies... but we get tired of the same old things.  We've also become conditioned to variety, so we tend to be able to eat more healthy foods when there is a mixture of flavours and textures.  The challenge, of course, is the time and effort involved in food preparation.

This recipe is a family favourite, and one that the kids never grow tired of.