4 questions to start your day

4 questions to start your day

How does your day start? Is it with dread? Panic over what time it is? The cat, dog, or kids jumping on you?

How about a few minutes of peaceful reflection? Is that even possible? 😉

While it may not always look and feel the way we want it to, if we’re a bit flexible and resourceful, and willing to make the choice, it IS possible to capture those precious few minutes. Even with kids. Even with some chaos.

Lessons to my younger self...

Lessons to my younger self...

What do you wish you knew starting out as a young woman? What lessons could the present-day you share?

The best ideas are usually the ones that suddenly appear out of nowhere, and this is what came to me today in a rush of words. I've also learned enough to know that these ideas are best shared. This is what I wish I had known and understood many years ago, lessons that have been, at times, hard won:

Taking our own sweet time…

Taking our own sweet time…

This is the 4th New Year that I’ve been choosing themes – or rather letting the themes choose me.  I love this practice. It feels so much more fluid, less rigid, and more feminine.  I’m pleased to experience how much practice does make a difference too. 

Getting out of my head and into my body was a real struggle that first year.

Growth and Resistance

Growth and Resistance

Winter is a natural time for going inside – literally and figuratively in your heart and in your thoughts. It’s become more popular to have a “theme” for the year, and I’m glad the trend is happening.  I think it’s a much more natural and fruitful way of going about life than New Year’s Resolutions – especially for women. In my circles, we come up with 3 words to focus on for the year: “seeds” to plant in the fallow of winter and allow to germinate and grow over the year. The analogy is one that speaks to me deeply, and I have found that the act of consciously planting these “seeds”, as a form of intention, really does set some interesting things in motion. Be careful what you wish for!

Peeling back the layers to your true intention

Intention is the act of focusing on something specific, which impacts both mind and energy. In reality, we are creating intentions at some level every moment of the day with our thoughts, and, sadly, many of our thoughts are a stream of negative commentary about ourselves and what’s around us. Now, wouldn’t you rather consciously choose what your focus will be?

What to do when life turns upside down

When there is too much going on – or at least too much of the wrong things! – pressures, heightened emotions, disagreements, or whatever else may be happening in your life.

I know how it is. We all cycle through it periodically. Sometimes life throws unexpected curves our way, so the question is not why or when, but how. How do we navigate it all? How do we manage when life turns upside down?

"Peace begins with me"

"Peace begins with me"

Like many people, the events of the world have me feeling somewhat discomforted and unsettled. Delving deeper, I’ve been feeling a greater awareness of each of us as individuals. As the saying goes, peace begins with me.

It begins with each one of us.

It begins in each of our families.

And when we can’t truly get a handle with what’s happening in our own hearts and minds, in our homes, and in our neighbourhoods, how can we expect events to transpire any differently?

So I offer these questions for you to ponder and journal about

21 days to form a habit? I don't think so!

21 days to form a habit?  I don't think so!

I've never believed - and honestly get a bit irritated when I hear it - that "it takes 21 days to form a habit." After all, I've done things for 21 days, or more, only to drop them again... and then wish I could more easily get back into a routine with whatever it was.

I don't think I'm a hopeless case, and I don't think I'm all that unusual either. So (naturally!) I figured the statement must be one of those things that is massively misquoted.

Well, it turns out I was partly right - and partly wrong too.