Starting a new year

Those of you who have been on my list for awhile know that I begin every year with three themes. I did the same around the time of the new moon this month, and added an extra couple of steps this year too as it was the first time that hubby and our teenaged son joined me. How it all develops over the course of the coming year is anyone’s guess!

First, my theme. If you haven’t done this process before, I won’t repeat the steps this year, but you can take a look at past years’ posts here for 2018 and here for 2017! The words that emerged for me this year are:


While it’s good to not have preconceived notions about how the theme will develop over the year, I do have a take on those themes so far. Choice is something I’ve been attuning myself to this past year, and it’s something that would serve me to deepen into further. Radical self-responsibility means that we recognize that we are making choices every single second of every day. We like to think we “have to” do something but the reality in this time, in this society (where I live, and likely where you live too given that you have the time & opportunity to even read this…) we very rarely actually HAVE to do anything. So the sooner we acknowledge that we’re making choices, the sooner the choices we make will be truly ours! Truth is related in that we have to be out of denial and be acknowledging what we really think and feel, to ourselves first and foremost.  Welcome was an unexpected sort of word. This is a year of big changes coming up – again 😊  This time, a move to a different town will be happening later in the year, so I feel a part of this will be about welcoming change, new opportunities, new people, new ideas, creating a welcoming new space for ourselves, and who knows at this point what else is in store!

Now, where I changed up the ritual this year: because our routine over New Years was all out of whack (hubby sick, plans changed, etc), hubby announced that he and our youngest were in agreement that they would, for the first time, participate in whatever I was doing to bring in the new energy of the year. I let it sit for a few days and the image of a tree came to me. I feel very connected to trees and immediately the idea of what to do was clear! (I love it when that happens!)

Knowing they’d need a bit of male-concrete energy to warm up, I started with the mental process of deciding on two goals for the year – these are the branches of the tree, the leaves that we see being created. My usual personal theme meditation became the roots of the tree. The energy and nourishment from which the tree grows. 

After looking at my tree for a few days, I decided to take it a step further as it felt a little disconnected to me. Because I’m not really a fan of the new year’s goals/resolutions, which is why I adopted the themes instead a few years ago, to me it feels so much better to take my two concrete goals and rewrite them, infusing them with the energy of the themes – they remain action-oriented, but in a feminine way. You may find that overly complicated (I still tend to overthink things, after all), but the important thing is that whatever we do to create an intention for ourselves, whether it’s at New Years or any other time, we do so in a way that feels in alignment for us, what speaks to us most. That’s how we allow ourselves to begin to live more consciously, more joyfully, and yes, with more energy too!

My revised goals?

MAKE SPACE – in my environment and in my awareness, I can do this by creating an organized (read: decluttered), welcoming home and office and by maintaining a routine of meditation and ritual so that I can stay connected to my truth

NURTURE – myself to keep my body and spirit strong and grounded, and be conscious of my actions and reactions to have others always feel welcomed in my presence

CHOICES/EXPERIENCES – continue to look at my life and work with an idea to growth, above all staying open to and welcoming opportunities that will come along


I’d love to know what you’ve done this year around goals, themes, or any other creative option you might have come up with!