4 questions to start your day

How does your day start? Is it with dread? Panic over what time it is? The cat, dog, or kids jumping on you?

How about a few minutes of peaceful reflection? Is that even possible? 😉

While it may not always look and feel the way we want it to, if we’re a bit flexible and resourceful, and willing to make the choice, it IS possible to capture those precious few minutes. Even with kids. Even with some chaos. Been there, done that!

The thing is, making the time for those few minutes will set the tone for your day.

4 questions to start your day.jpg

And doing that day after day? It will move you in the direction of a happier, more satisfied you.

So first, where do we carve out these few minutes?

My first choice is always to linger in bed after I wake up. To let my mind slowly come into focus. That’s where I get my best ideas, where I’m most able to access my intuition. Asking myself these questions at this stage is ideal. But I don’t always manage my first choice, either. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. At times, if I’m totally honest, it’s a practice of having better boundaries, and sometimes that’s just life and we roll with it.

On those occasions, we go with plan B (or plan C or D…). Do you have a few minutes once you’ve gotten the kids their breakfast? While you take public transportation to work, or once everyone is out the door if your work is at home? Or at your desk as you’re starting your workday?

The earlier you can do this, the better, simply because it informs your day and how you approach it, but find what works for you. Consider your ideal time, and a back-up or two.

When you’ve found (or created) your opportunity, even if it’s a stolen few minutes in the bathroom, start with a slow deep breath. And another. Take a few moments to get present. If you can, close your eyes. You may also want to place a hand on your heart. And take another breath.

Now ask yourself:

·         What one thing would nourish me today?

Let the answer come. It may be something you’ve been trying to incorporate, or it may be something out of the blue. And remember, nourishment comes in all sorts of forms, so be open to whatever comes up.

·         What one quality do I want to embody today?

Remember it. Remind yourself of it throughout the day.

·         What one thing would I enJOY today?

What just popped into your head? Don’t judge or discount it if it’s something that seems silly or inconsequential – those are usually the most potent!

·         What one thing do I need to get done today?

Yes, I know, you need to get a LOT more than one thing done. But what’s the one really important thing? You know what it is.

It is best if you write down the answers that come. If any are big and you really can’t get to them, what tiny step might you be able to take today. More often, especially if you make a practice of this and the answers are coming from deep inside rather than from your mind, the answers will be fairly small and doable – and just right for you.

Over time you will gain more satisfaction, more joy, and more trust in yourself.

And yes, it will lead to more energy too.



Photo credit: Leon Biss