Lessons to my younger self...

What do you wish you knew starting out as a young woman? What lessons could the present-day you share?

The best ideas are usually the ones that suddenly appear out of nowhere, and this is what came to me today in a rush of words. I've also learned enough to know that these ideas are best shared. This is what I wish I had known and understood many years ago, lessons that have been, at times, hard won:

lessons to my younger self.jpg
  • Continue to follow your interests and your heart - if you let that slide because others don't get it, you will lose yourself and become very unhappy.
  • Practice your courage muscle everyday, and then go ahead and rest and recharge as you need.
  • Pursue the forms of exercise that you enjoy whenever you get the chance - dance, dance, dance!
  • Start to notice and explore NOW the ways you are trying to keep yourself small & hidden, and why that is - the more you try to ignore it, the worse it will get.
  • Yes, you are sensitive and emotional - and there is nothing wrong with that! Learn to thrive because of it.
sidney spit 1988.jpg
  • Wear shoes with good arch support! You'll wish you had found out about that sooner, and no, they don't need to be ugly :) .
  • Above all, don't let anyone dampen your joy. You alone are responsible for the life you create. Others don't know what is best for you. You know what gives you joy, immerse yourself in it!

What would you tell your younger self?

Look at each of your statements and see if maybe there is a piece that you still haven't fully embodied. Is there a lesson that you can still learn from? Your future self might just thank your present self...