Taking our own sweet time…

This is the 4th New Year that I’ve been choosing themes – or rather letting the themes choose me.  I love this practice. It feels so much more fluid, less rigid, and more feminine.  I’m pleased to experience how much practice does make a difference too. 

Getting out of my head and into my body was a real struggle that first year. The next couple of years were progressively easier. A bit of waffling back and forth. You may remember it took me a couple of weeks last year to accept and trust the words that came up. But this year, I know the drill. Two years of regular meditation or mindfulness practice throughout the year now allows me to drop in reasonably quickly, so when I decided in the first week of January to make space for my intentions for the year to emerge, it didn’t need to be as lengthy a process. 

Taking our own sweet time....jpg

You’ll notice I didn’t have it all lined up for the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. There is no deadline, except for what we decide for ourselves. So if this practice appeals to you and you haven’t tried it yet – there is still time. Carve out some space for yourself and see what emerges. And remember my first few years – some waffling, some repeated tries, and some uncertainty if it’s the “right” word are all normal. Just see what comes up. 

Move around a bit and get the feel of your body. Now drop your awareness down from your mind, through your heart, down to your womb area. You may want to place a hand on your heart and belly to help centre yourself. Let any thoughts float past you and away, let them go for now, and bring your awareness back into your body, to your heart and then down into your belly.

What would most serve your spirit this year?
What does your true self, your essence, want to expand into?
What does your essence want to experience? 

Accept what emerges, sit with it, and see how it feels. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t totally make sense, or if it seems a bit cliché. It may be one word, or it may be a few – it’s entirely up to you.

Me, I have three words for 2018:


And now it’s your turn: if you have done this or a similar process for yourself, what theme(s) do you have for 2018? 

Whatever you choose, or whatever chooses you, may it rest quietly within you at this early stage, and bloom to joyful fruition as we move through the year ahead.


(Photo credit: Paul Anning)