Replace the affirmations

I am not a fan of affirmations – my mind puts up too many roadblocks. If I know/ believe it’s not true, repeating it umpteen times isn’t going to change that!

Years ago, I read a book about Afformations (with an “o”, that’s not a typo :) ) by Noah St. John. Now that was during a period of time that I consumed copious amounts of information and acted on pretty much none of it… fascinating, but not at all useful…

I recently stumbled across his work again. And knowing what I know now, I am kicking myself for never having given it a real chance. It’s a perfect example of getting the quirks of the mind in check and harnessing its power to support what we want, making use of the reticular activating system.

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Let's experiment a little bit:

Say to yourself, “I am happy, and every day brings more happiness my way” What is your first thought? Affirmations do work for some, and if you’re one of those, wonderful, just ignore me and keep doing what works! But if you’re like me, your mind might just have retorted ‘ya right!’ or balked at it for some reason even if you are a generally happy person!

Questions have an interesting effect on the mind, and the problem is we tend to ask ourselves really bad questions. Try this one: “Why am I so miserable?” Notice what your mind jumps to, and notice how you feel in your body. Now say to yourself, “Why am I so happy?” Now notice what your mind jumps to, and also notice how you feel in your body.

Could you feel that difference? And see what it does to your mind patterns as well?

The adage of “change your thoughts, change your life” is absolutely true! So give this a fair chance:

  • Identify what you really want. For example: I want more energy. I want to feel more joyful.
  • If you were to create an affirmation, it would be something like:

I have so much energy to do what I want.

I am filled with joy every day.


  • Switch it to a question:

Why do I have so much energy to do the things I want to do?

Why do I experience such joy every day?

Instead of rejecting the idea, you’re stimulating your mind to now search for answers, plus you’re looking for answers to what you want, not what you don’t want.


  • Repeat these questions to yourself at least daily, preferably multiple times a day.


  • When your mind starts generating answers to the questions (and it will, in the form of ideas), ACT ON THEM. That is how change is created. I didn’t understand this for a long time: an idea by itself doesn’t create change, at least any degree of change that is sustainable. We are physical beings and so change has to be carried out on a physical level, by taking action.


Start experimenting with this and report back as I’d love to know what you experience.

As for me, I’m working on a new set of questions:

Why are my relationships so fulfilling?

Why is my work so rewarding?




Photo credit: Jad Limcaco