How Your Life Impacts Your Energy

You’ve likely noticed by now that in so many of the “life” articles I write, I circle right back to energy levels, even where the subjects don’t seem to go together.

I didn’t realize the connection for a long time. The pieces started to come together for me several years ago after my own journey through anemia and exhaustion, back to a semblance of functionality,  when I was looking through Louise Hay’s Heal Your Body. There it was: anemia has to do with a lack of joy and “yes-but”ing life; fatigue is about resistance, boredom, and lack of enthusiasm (and incidentally, adrenal issues relate to lack of self-caring and self-approval).

Huh?! At first I was perplexed. But after that, every now and then, I would catch myself mentally rearranging the puzzle pieces of my life into a different order and I realized it was true!

sept How your life impacts your energy.jpg

Yes, playing with my children gave me joy, but I had long since lost all of the other things that excited me, that made me me, until I was so exhausted I could barely play anymore and I was not the mamma I wanted to be. (And while I don’t like to admit it, I have been accused of the “ya-but” thing…). As well, in my reflections, I realized the first step that had started me back on track was the intuition to take a series of homestudy courses (oh how I love to learn!) in new areas that had been calling to me for awhile. One thing led to the next and the next, and my energy level rose alongside of finding my joys again and finding my way back to myself.

Sometimes the correlations can be direct, but more often they are so subtle that you just don’t realize your tiredness, lack of motivation, or other issues in your life - chronic health or otherwise – are because you’ve abandoned yourself along the way.

I’m excited about a new certification I’m undergoing that ties right into all of this. I’ll spill the beans later this fall, but in the meantime, I ask you to consider this:

What in your life gives you pleasure, meaning, and joy, and how can you add more of it to your days?