The next step...

What can you do over the coming hours, days, weeks to look after yourself?

Ask yourself these questions and pay attention to the first thing that pops into your mind (no matter how unrealistic or silly it seems!):

What do you most need right now to feel healthy?

What do you most need right now to feel nourished?

What do you most need right now to feel replenished?

What do you most need right now to feel rested?

Do it now. Or at the very least put it into your calendar if you need some pre-planning. Do not put it off any longer.

We so do that as women… Attend to the kids, to work, to home, to spouse, to what is needed around us but we leave out the most important part – us.

Until we know how to really, and I mean REALLY, take care of ourselves, we are only doing an adequate job of taking care of the others in our lives.

Until we know how to really be compassionate toward ourselves, we haven’t reached the full capacity of our compassion towards others.

Until we have really forgiven ourselves for what we perceive as our own shortcomings, we cannot tap into the depth of our capacity to forgive others.

So today start with something small. What do you most need in this moment? Do it for yourself.

And ask yourself the same question tomorrow, and the day after.

And follow through – for yourself, and indirectly for the others in your life too.

PS (if you’ve read other blog posts, you know this is coming 😊  ) taking care of your own needs and your desires will have an impact on your energy level too.