Musings on a Spring afternoon…

Sunlight filtering through the leaves. Bees buzzing, birds chirping. The sounds of a dog barking and a lawnmower in the distance.

How often do you take an afternoon, or an hour, and just sit in the grass under a tree?

Be present. Breathe. Let your mind wander away from the to do lists and the life circumstance pressures, and see what comes up.

We spend so much time not listening to ourselves that we stop trusting ourselves, and forget that we know what we know. Take the time to ground yourself in nature and let the energy and vibrancy of the Earth fill you up.

Take the time to still your mind and just be somewhere peaceful and lovely. It will soothe your soul, and the space will create an opening for what you know - deep down - to rise up.

It may take some time, but the doing will help you to reset on so many levels.