Growth and Resistance

Winter is a natural time for going inside – literally and figuratively in your heart and in your thoughts. It’s become more popular to have a “theme” for the year, and I’m glad the trend is happening.  I think it’s a much more natural and fruitful way of going about life than New Year’s Resolutions – especially for women. In my circles, we come up with 3 words to focus on for the year: “seeds” to plant in the fallow of winter and allow to germinate and grow over the year. The analogy is one that speaks to me deeply, and I have found that the act of consciously planting these “seeds”, as a form of intention, really does set some interesting things in motion. Be careful what you wish for!

In taking some time in January, I allowed my 3 seed words to come up. It’s not a process that can be forced, and you have to try to let it arise from inside – not from your mind. That has been a process that’s most difficult for me. I tend to be very head-oriented, and I think my way through everything. It has its place, but can be a hindrance when your aim is to live a life in tune with your own truth, your essence. So for a long time now, I’ve had a practice of just getting out of my head and into my body.

A woman’s power centre is in her womb (and don’t worry if for medical reasons you no longer have one physically, the energy is still there). Move around a bit and get the feel of your body. Now drop your awareness down, through your heart, down to your womb area. Let any thoughts float past you and away, let them go for now, and do your best to stay open, bringing your awareness back into your body, to your heart/womb areas. 

For your own evolution over the coming year, what would most serve you? What part of yourself has been lost?  And what has been found? Keep moving yourself from your head down into your body and stay open to what comes up. Something will eventually!

I had two words come up quite quickly, but the third took some time. I would leave it for a few days and sit with my two seeds, waiting for the third to come. A couple of weeks passed, and I realized, with the assistance of a dear mentor, that the third seed word had already come to me a number of times but I didn’t want that to be it! I repeatedly pushed it away. I was in resistance. 

No matter how much we are on the growth path, no matter how consciously we try to live our lives, every single one of us has those edges where it’s really hard to go. Add to that my knowledge that bringing focused intention sets some powerful events in motion. Change is inevitable, but that unknown can, in truth, be downright scary sometimes! It happens to us all.

But I am committed to my own evolution, and ultimately responsible for who I am in this world. We are always at choice. And so I acknowledge my three seeds that I am planting this year, and will tend them in the coming months:


I would love to hear what you are focusing on this year, whether you call them themes, goals, resolutions, or something else. And if you haven’t come up with any yet, there’s still time. Above all, know that you are not alone, and that the practice of finding and living your true essence is always worth it.


(Photo credit: Aaron Burden)