Who says this is unproductive?

I’ve been a bit quieter lately in emails, on the blog, and taking a break from the rabbit hole of Facebook.  I find this happens every year around this time, as the days get shorter and the weather colder. It’s a natural inclination, deep in our DNA, to cycle with the seasons. (For those of you in the Southern hemisphere, I know you’ll largely be in an opposite energy right now – go with it! :)  ).

who says this is unproductive.jpg

As nature around us starts to die off, a part of us also needs to connect to this season of release. What in your life is it time to let go of? In your environment, in your habits, in your beliefs, and in your patterns of interacting with those around you.  What can you let go of that will begin to free you up for something new? 

We have to release in order to have the space to nurture new growth. As the shedding of autumn moves into the dormant state of winter, we too need this time for shedding the old and resting quietly for a time in the unknown, in the darkness, to re-form how we see ourselves and what we want. It may look like nothing much is happening, but this time is essential for real transformation.

This season, go through the process with awareness so that you can consciously release what’s needed and begin to feel what’s possible beyond it.


(Photo credit: Matt Lewis)