What would you do?

You are an intuitive.

Don’t assume this doesn’t apply to you and stop reading! I betcha there will be something in here that you’ll relate to…

My small child is screaming bloody murder and everyone’s nerves are shot. I have a feeling of how to handle it, how to interact with him – but everyone around me is forcefully telling me something very different.

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I’m in a hotel in a large foreign city, on the 10th floor waiting for the elevator, alone. Two (younger) men, in conversation with each other, also arrive to wait for the elevator. One looks over, the other doesn’t, and suddenly my nerves are on high alert. It’s like a red emergency light is flashing above my head and a siren is sounding and only I can see and hear it.

In both of those situations, what would you do?

Whether or not you believe in “psychic powers”, whether or not you’re interested in developing your intuition, we all have an inner knowing, that ‘gut feeling’, of what is right for us if we just stop for a moment to pay attention.

My first child would take to screaming fits periodically (rarely in public, generally in the comfort of someone’s home) and I would have the dilemma: do I withstand the pressure of everyone else’s insistence that they know better and still do my own thing, or try to keep the peace all around? I am quite sure I’m not alone in experiencing this!

I often took the pressure and followed my own way (a few years later I discovered what I was doing instinctually was called attachment parenting – go figure!), but sometimes the pressure was too much and I buckled. It would all happen so fast and I wasn’t in the habit of such conscious consideration as I am now. I didn’t realize at the time that my split-second decision wasn’t just about expediency, or about my child’s feelings, but was also about whether I trusted myself. In retrospect, the times I followed my gut were some of my best parenting moments. And the times I buckled are my biggest regrets.

And the hotel incident? I remember watching an Oprah episode where she talked about how most women, before they’re attacked, actually had a feeling that something was “off”, a feeling of strong discomfort, even of danger, but they ignored it because of our societal pressure to look a certain way, to be polite, to not act in a way that is perceived as weird. And that was my first reaction too: stay put and take the elevator because it would look really strange to just change my mind when I’m clearly waiting for it.

Fortunately, the elevator was taking its time, and that internal emergency light and siren were still going, and I had a moment of clarity, said “F*** it” to myself, did an about face, and walked away. Who’s to say whether anything would have happened, but I’m thankful I listened to myself and never need to know for sure.

As we learn to listen to that gut feeling, that inner voice, we may need to fine-tune the nuances of HOW we react to a situation (particularly with family), but I have never come across a time where following that instinct has been a mistake - not for me, or for any other women I’ve talked with.

Under the layers of your humanity, foibles and all, you are an intuitive being. Trust yourself.


I’d love to hear more stories from you – did you follow or ignore your instinct, and what happened? Post here, on the FB page, or send them to me.