"Peace begins with me"

Like many people, the events of the world have me feeling somewhat discomforted and unsettled. Delving deeper, I’ve been feeling a greater awareness of each of us as individuals. As the saying goes, peace begins with me.

It begins with each one of us.

It begins in each of our families.

And when we can’t truly get a handle with what’s happening in our own hearts and minds, in our homes, and in our neighbourhoods, how can we expect events to transpire any differently?

So I offer these questions for you to ponder and journal about, as I am also doing:

Where are we each denying our own anger, resentment, and frustration, and in so doing, perpetuate them?  Let them instead be felt and understood, and then allow them to be channeled into something constructive.

Where are we each withdrawing in protection, rather than being open and loving? What is it that we are trying to protect, and why? Let us then fill that need for ourselves so that we have the ability to be more loving.

Where is the turmoil spilling out within our own families or neighbourhoods? Let us find the point of shared values, or feelings, or any thing that can act as a bridge.  Let us each find our own centre of strength and calm so that we can act as anchor (in a healthy way – martyrdom or over-giving is not coming from a place of peace and love). What acts of self-love will serve to promote that feeling of ‘centred-ness’ in you?

May all beings be happy.

May all beings be free of suffering.

May all beings be at peace.


(Photo credit: Christopher Sardegna)