I've decided to make a change

It's important - in fact, critical for our sense of joy and fulfillment - to listen to our own inner knowing.  And in allowing for that time to listen, I've realized that something has not been able to grow to its fullest expression.

I have been feeling called to offer energy healing to a greater number of women, beyond my current practice, and as stand-alone sessions (in addition to the energetic support which is included in my Joyful Energy program and Energy Foundation intensive.)

The modalities I work with, Crystalline Consciousness Technique and Reiki, provide such a support to life in general, to healing, and to preparing for whatever comes next, that I feel like I've rushed OUT OF offering this service as I've been going through my own stage of transition.

You may or may not have experienced receiving energy work before.  The first thing I hear from my clients, and have experienced myself, is a deep sense of relaxation and peace.  I love hearing this because without this deep state, both mentally and physically, the body does not have the chance to get out of stress-response and begin the healing process.

It's in this state that the magic starts to happen, quickly for some, and more gradually for others.  Everyday life starts to hold more flow and ease.  And that is when you start to see new options and opportunities in front of you.  They are always there, but you're often not able to realize it.

Often there is a tangible experience as well.  I have a client with chronic back pain: our energy work together is the only thing she's found which has minimized the pain.  Many clients have experienced ongoing relief from stress-related headaches and/or neck pain from our energy sessions.  Sleep is improved.  One client has even attributed our sessions as curing her digestive ailments.  

While these results may not directly relate to increasing your physical energy, remember that everything is connected.  Sometimes a lack of energy stems from something direct and somewhat measurable, like an iron deficiency or food allergy.  But often it's a more subtle result of a general malaise, unhappiness, or avoidance of certain areas of your life.

No matter the symptoms, energy healing work takes you in a positive direction and gives your body and mind a chance to simply rest and restore.  It realigns and replenishes you from the source of Universal energy, and takes you to a higher vibrational state where your greater potential exists.

Want to find out more?  Check out the Energy Alignment offer.  


Photo credit (reiki cats):  Carina Peeters