Are you trying to juggle too much?

There are times in life when you’re trying to keep too many balls in the air, and you just know if you keep it up, something is going to get dropped…

The past few months have been like that for me.  When family responsibilities and work and other commitments are all increasing, seemingly of their own accord, and all at the same time, it becomes a bit much, dare I say “overwhelming”.

Now that’s a topic I will write more about at another time, but for now I wanted to offer you a reminder - one that I also needed.  When things start to pile up, start to feel TOO MUCH, it is okay to pull back.  In fact, it’s critical.  Just stop.  Find a moment - even though at the time, it seems impossible.  In that moment, as best you can, tune out whatever is pulling at you (figuratively, or maybe literally for you moms!), move your awareness from the scattered thoughts in your head, and follow a deep breath down into your body.  Do that again.  And again.  Now make a decision from that space. 

Through these last weeks, I remembered a story I used to love reading to my youngest.  Isn’t it great when you can gain inspiration from a children’s book?  The book is The Three Questions by Jon J. Muth, and it’s based on the story by Leo Tolstoy.  In the kids’ version, a boy wants to know the answers to his 3 questions so that he will always know what to do.  The answers that his friends (a dog, a monkey, and a heron) give him don’t sound quite right to him, so he goes to seek the guidance of a wise old turtle who lives up in the mountains.  It’s well worth a read, and the illustrations are gorgeous. STORY SPOILER ALERT:  it's all about focusing on what's happening in the present moment.  

(Hint:  put this all together and it will eliminate overwhelm!  More on that in the future.)