What to do when life turns upside down

There seems to be a lot of chaos happening for many people right now. When there is too much going on – or at least too much of the wrong things! – pressures, heightened emotions, disagreements, or whatever else may be happening in your life.

I know how it is. We all cycle through it periodically. Sometimes life throws unexpected curves our way, so the question is not why or when, but how. How do we navigate it all? How do we manage when life turns upside down?

I think it’s most important to find that place of stillness inside. Because from that feeling of being centred flows the resources to respond proactively to whatever may be going on.

I’ve noticed lately that when I’m calm (truly calm, not just keeping a grip on it), when I’m feeling grounded and centred, circumstances around me settle down dramatically.  And when I don’t take the time, or when I allow something to, as my mentor puts it, “create a wobble in the [energetic] field”, chaos and discord appears all around me.

Is it a matter of my perception? Is it energetic cause and effect? Or maybe both?

If we can disconnect from the drama of it all, it’s actually quite interesting to observe the patterns…

So how do we find that level of calm within us?

Here’s what I’ve found that helps:

Meditation – I’m sure you’re not surprised at this, and I have to say this tops everything. I have not yet established a really consistent practice, but when I’m on track, the difference is dramatic – there are many different ways to meditate and it’s worth experimenting to find what feels good to you

Being in nature – the natural world gives us so many benefits, peace and uplifting our energy are two of those benefits

Get energy work sessions – receiving sessions can help magnify your results, clear away blocks, and also leave you feeling very, very relaxed

Breathing – simple to do, not so simple to remember in stressful times; focussing on your breathing gets you into a more present, grounded state which helps both your mind and your body

Practice mindfulness as you go about your daily routines – again it’s about becoming present; try it when you’re washing dishes, for example (if you’re anything like me, you’ll not mind the dishes so much anymore either!)

And of course, take care of yourself. Rest, good nutrition, and gathering support around you will set the foundation for everything else.

It’s about practice. When we “wobble” – and we will – just take a few minutes and come back to centre. Again. And again. And again. With practice it will get easier! You’ll have the tools at hand when you need it most, and at the same time you just may find that those curves that get thrown are not quite as extreme and not quite as frequent as they seemed before.

I’d love to hear what you do to reach a sense of calm and peace – feel free to share in the comments.


(Photo credit: Ben White)