The third eye chakra - 6th

Location: brow/between the eyes

Colour: indigo

Primary focus: intuition

Healthy characteristics of a third eye chakra that is in balance: clear focus of mind, imaginative, intuitive

Negative/out of balance characteristics: poor concentration/being scattered, denial, delusion

Physical symptoms of imbalance: headaches, poor vision, migraines, hormonal difficulties related to the pineal gland

Crystal: moonstone, lapis lazuli, quartz, amethyst

Essential oils/incense: laurel, patchouli, sandalwood, rosemary

How can I balance my third eye chakra?

  • Consider the healthy characteristics of this chakra - intuition, imagination, clear focus - and consider for each one, what would it look like to embody this characteristic? What step could I take to live this, to feel this?
  • Is there somewhere in your life that you can feel gratitude for these characteristics already - even just a little bit?
  • Wear indigo (or any bluish-purple or deep blue shade).
  • Consider any limiting beliefs that you can release - do you have fear or distrust of your intuitive ability? Do you diminish or reject your ability to be imaginative and creative?
  • Bathe with a couple drops of one of these essential oils, or scent the air with some incense.
  • Keep one of the listed crystals near your bed or workspace, or carry one around in your pocket.
  • Listen to the little whispers of intuition or hunches that come up.
  • If you are comfortable visualizing, imagine a warm and radiant white light streaming in through the top of your head and flowing downward to the area behind your forehead and eyes, filling and brightening up this energy centre, clearing out any blockages, and gently helping your third eye to open.
  • Meditate on the picture with the intent to balance your energy centre. You may wish to place the tips of a couple of fingers between your eyebrows to help you to focus.