The crown chakra - 7th

Location: top of the head

Colour: violet

Primary focus: awareness

Healthy characteristics of a crown chakra that is in balance: inspiration, wisdom

Negative/out of balance characteristics: limiting beliefs, superiority, overly dominant in either intellectualism or spirituality at the expense of the other

Possible physical symptoms of imbalance: any issues related to the brain, headaches & migraines, difficulties related to the pituitary gland (and potentially any of the other hormonal glands as the pituitary impacts them all)

Crystal: amethyst, moonstone, quartz

Essential oils/incense: lavender, jasmine, myrrh

What can I do to balance my crown chakra?

  • Consider the healthy characteristics of this chakra - wisdom and inspiration - and consider for each one, what would it look like to embody this characteristic? What step could I take to live this, to feel this?
  • Is there somewhere in your life that you can feel gratitude for these characteristics already - even just a little bit?
  • Wear violet (or any shade of purple).
  • Read stories of inspiration and wisdom.
  • Consider what limiting beliefs you can release - do you hold any unresolved anger or resentment toward organized religion that could stand in the way of your spiritual connection?
  • Keep one of the listed crystals near your bed or workspace, or carry one around in your pocket.
  • Bathe with a couple drops of one of these essential oils, or scent the air with some incense.
  • If you are comfortable visualizing, imagine a warm and radiant white light streaming in through the top of your head, filling and brightening up this energy centre, and clearing out any blockages in this area.
  • Meditate on the picture with the intent to balance your energy centre. You may wish to place a hand on the top of your head to help you to focus.