Overnight Chia Seed Porridge

I just love these overnight recipes - they are so easy to put together the night before and take very little time in the morning.  Chia seed porridge packs a nutritional punch to start your day with a good supply of omega 3s, antioxidants, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, iron, manganese, and niacin.  I like to combine the chia seeds with my own pumpkin seed milk to add extra nutrients.


In a glass jar (I reuse a 1 kg peanut butter jar):

pour a batch of seed/nut milk 

 1/3 cup of chia seeds

and a splash of pure vanilla extract

Stir the contents right away - this is very important!  I learned the hard way that it will solidify into something resembling a hockey puck if you don't!

Secure a tight-fitting lid onto the jar and place in the fridge overnight.


In the morning it's ready to go.  You can just spoon it out into a bowl and add toppings, or if you prefer, spoon it into a pot and heat it before adding toppings.

Once you get into the habit of making your own seed or nut milk, it really is so easy.  If you want to save a bit of time and cleanup by purchasing some, please read the ingredients as many of the brands out there are not very healthy.

For toppings, I usually just add a variety of berries, but do whatever you find appealing:

  • berries
  • other fruit
  • coconut
  • additional nuts or seeds
  • if you really need some sweetener, drizzle a tiny bit of good quality maple syrup (but once your taste buds "acclimatize" from sugary cereals, you'll find that fruit adds enough sweetness)