A chakra diagram, and a route to better health

Eastern cultures for thousands of years have believed that our health is determined by the flow of vital life force energy in our bodies.  The chakra diagram below shows the locations of the 7 major chakras, or energy centres, which aid in this energy flow.

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As well I've included a photo which you can use as a point of meditation for each chakra.




Background info

Our vital life force energy is known as "prana" in India, "chi" (or "qi") in China, and "ki" in Japan. You may already know that the word "chakra" is Sanskrit for wheel, and that the energy centres are often thought of as wheels or fans which spin with the movement of energy. The chakras shown on the diagram are generally considered to be the primary ones, but there are actually many more ‘minor’ chakras in the body as well.

The chakra diagram shows each energy centre as a different colour, located in a column from the base of the spine through to the top of the head. Compare this to a rainbow: when sunlight shines and is dispersed through water droplets in the air, it refracts and divides into a spectrum of colours. The rainbow's spectrum is created because of the vibration of light - each colour vibrates at a different rate and we see them separate into their individual colours given the right conditions. Similar to the vibrations of light, each chakra turns or vibrates at a different rate of energy, each corresponding energetically to a colour like we see visually in a rainbow.



How it relates to you

When the 'wheels' spin smoothly and cleanly, vibrating at the appropriate rate, our life force energy flows well - we are healthy, vibrant, and intuitive beings. But as we get ourselves off-track, negative thoughts and patterns, fears, and obsessions clog up the wheels and the flow of energy within us. The result is poor health and fatigue, illness and injury.

Understanding the nature of our chakras and working to clear them restores the flow of energy through our bodies, and this in turn restores optimal health. In fact, one route to natural health is a combination approach with the chakras - addressing any blockages through energy healing, and also working through limiting beliefs to address the underlying issues.

There are a number of ways to sense where energy is being blocked. Having energy work done can pinpoint any areas that need clearing and stimulate that clearing process. You can also learn to pick up clues in your own body, particularly when you pay attention to any points on that chakra diagram where you feel a sense of constriction, of being tense or out of balance.

Besides any physical issues, emotional issues also provide clues to your energy flow, as each chakra corresponds to a particular area of life. Of course, you can work with each chakra in turn to ensure they are all functioning well.