Building a Healthy Habit


It's important to incorporate a healthy habit here and there into our days in order to reach the level of wellbeing, vitality, and enjoyment that we  dream of.  Let me start by saying, DO NOT add to any overwhelm that you may already be feeling by thinking you "should" be doing these, or by trying to add more than one habit at a time. 

In my opinion, these can and will ideally become part of the enjoyment.  Otherwise, really, what's the point?  Deprivation is never healthy.  Neither is struggle.  I believe that if something causes you stress, the health benefits are largely cancelled out.  We are aiming to improve our energy, health, AND quality of life, not running ourselves down.

It's important to be creative and tweak ideas until they work for each of us as individuals.  Then it's worth whatever time and effort we put into it, because of the value we receive from it. 

Daily practice

If something in the list below interests you, take it slow. 

  1. Pick one healthy habit to adopt.
  2. Set a goal to do that habit for 4 days in a row.
  3. When you've completed 4 consecutive days, celebrate that milestone.  Seriously!  Those first few days are the hardest.  After that, even if you put it aside for awhile, it will be much easier to pick it up again.
  4. Next, keep practicing your new healthy habit for a month (at least) before adding in a new one when you're ready. Unless it's something that comes easily to you (in which case you were probably already doing it!) I suggest continuing to concentrate on 4 days at a time.  A whole month can seem overwhelming, but you can do anything for another 4 days, right?  Even if you set the goal to do it for 4 days each week, you will be gaining momentum.

Here are some ideas that I work with (check the Healthy Habits section in the archives for more information): 

  • Morning pages - a different kind of journalling
  • "Liver flush" tonic - an easy and refreshing 'cleanse'
  • Green smoothie - it's all the rage and an easier way to eat your greens
  • Herbal tea - hydration and nutrition in one cup
  • Movement - also known by the dreaded word: "exercise"
  • Daily rituals - making sacred space in our lives
  • Alternate nostril breathing - an amazing calming technique
  • Nourishment - it's not just for the body
  • Meditation - tuning in 

Do I do each of these things every day?  I wish!  As you probably do, I have a lot going on and it's hard sometimes to fit it all in.  But I do many of these things much of the time, and feel that much better because of it. 

There's always more that we could be doing.  Just take it one step at a time.  The more you practice, the easier it gets, and the more you are able to fit in as it becomes second nature.