My mission here at NHC

What keeps me moving forward, especially when it’s not always simple? 

Changing the world one mom at a time!

I could make a beauty pageant/world peace joke here but seriously – there is a reason why NGOs working in impoverished areas are focusing primarily on the women in communities.

According to literature from Plan Canada/Plan International:

“Although girls in developing countries are often the poorest of the poor, it has been proven that investing in girls is key to eliminating poverty.  Feed a girl and she’ll feed everyone around her.  Keep her healthy and she’ll protect the health of her whole family.  Empower her and she’ll use her strength to benefit her entire community.”

Thankfully we are not in such dire straits – if you’re reading this, it is highly likely your basic needs and safety, and then some, are taken care of.  But the overall premise still applies to us.

Who we are and what we do profoundly affects our children and our families.  Women share knowledge and support with their families, their friends, and groups that they belong to.  Women who are financially secure donate more to charity on average than do men in the same situations.  Not only that, but our children watch how we treat ourselves, and are more likely to take those practices (or lack thereof) into their own adulthood.

We each have a significant ripple effect.

When you’re tired, you’re not at your best with your children.  Your ability to support anyone, including yourself, is severely compromised.  You’re not providing value to your relationships, your work, or your community.  And the days keep passing.  I know what that feels like.  I know what I missed out on, what opportunities I and my family will never get back.  Had I not created change for myself, I would never have been able to be here now doing this work.

I also believe that feeling our own sense of deep satisfaction with our lives comes from being conscious of and living in alignment with our unique nature, our essence.  To do that takes presence, something that is also compromised when our energy is flagging.

And so I focus on each mom.  First by building up her physical energy, and then by uncovering ways to greater alignment in her life.  Knowing that as she gains strength, so do her children, so do her friends, and so does her community.

It’s important to me to take it a step further as well.  With every one of my programs that a mom invests in to improve her own well-being, I also make a donation to the Because I Am a Girl project to invest in the safety, health, and education of girls and other moms around the world.

I love win-win-win situations, don't you?


* Photo courtesy of Plan Canada.