Can your bathroom impact your day?

We really don’t pay much attention generally to our space in the bathroom, especially if we have a private ensuite that guests don’t see. 

We’re in a hurry in the morning, often thinking three steps ahead.  My brush, makeup, earrings, and creams tend to become a jumble when I’m not paying attention.  Take a look at your counter space and the drawer you use for everyday items. 

Tidy?  If so, congratulations.  No?  Well, I have some thoughts about that… Nourishment comes in many forms, and having a nourishing routine to start your day has a tremendous impact on your frame of mind, which in turn affects how your day progresses.

A little piece of personal space that is clutter free, pretty, healthy, and useful is both soothing and reaffirming.  Imagine getting all that before you even leave the bathroom!

First, consider your morning routine. 

  •  What do you use daily?
  •  What needs to be easily accessible? 
  •  Does your routine include something nurturing?  You can start with something simple:  do you moisturize your body when you get out of the shower?  Spend two or three minutes rubbing coconut oil into your skin (yes, the kind you get from the grocery/health food store).  Simple, nourishing, pampering.  It makes a difference.

Now, look at your space – your own personal stretch of counter and whatever drawer you use most. 

  • Is there anything worn out, expired, or damaged?  Recycle containers as much as possible and chuck the rest.
  • Is there anything you are no longer using that’s still in good shape?  Like a makeup bag that you’ve long since replaced?  Hair clips you used to wear?  A curling iron you’ll never use again?  Grab a bag and gather anything you can donate.  Let it fulfill its purpose with someone who needs and wants it.
  • Look at your makeup, creams, soaps, and hair products.  Whether they’re from a drug store or a high end brand retailer, are the ingredients hormone disruptors?  Over time they will compromise your health and energy.  As you replace them, look for healthier versions.  (A good resource is the Skin Deep database.)

Finally, arrange what’s left in a way that everything is accessible, easy to put back in place when you use it, and is aesthetically pleasing to you.  I’ve realized that this is the part I’ve neglected.  For one thing, I just get sloppy and randomly put things down when I use them and leave them there through the week.  I’ve also let my desire to reuse things and reduce waste overcome my need for and pleasure of design and beauty.  I’ve overdone the shortcuts by using plastic containers for convenience of travel become everyday containers – questionable from a health perspective because of chemical leeching from the plastic, and not very pretty!

So I have remedied that – what do you think?  I dug into my stock of glass jars that I hadn’t yet recycled so I am still fulfilling my desire to reuse and not be wasteful, but it’s far more pleasing to see and to use.  

Is it really that big of a deal?  I believe it is.  Whether we start our day in a chaotic or soothing atmosphere.  Whether we take care of ourselves or ignore ourselves.  It sets a tone, it gives us a bit of a lift in confidence, it brings a sense of pleasure.  And we take that forward into the rest of our day. 

Now go take action.