CCT - Crystalline Consciousness Technique

I wanted to do a post about Crystalline Consciousness Technique (CCT), since it isn't as well known as some other energy modalities (such as Reiki).  CCT is a newer form of energy work and, at this point in time, I'm one of only 2 advanced practitioners in Canada.  

CCT supports the body's ability to release stress and heal itself.  Many things in our environment affect our electromagnetic field.  When this weakens, our body systems become strained.  CCT creates a vibrational energy field that protects the body's electromagnetic field, which in turn allows the body to focus on relaxing and repairing itself.  It works in energetic alignment with the Earth and also assists in raising consciousness and in manifesting. 


People have reported deep relaxation, improved health - especially where the central nervous system has been affected, and being able to let go of long-held internal blocks.  It also helps to smooth out the energies and provide more cohesiveness to groups.

In my experience, CCT is wonderfully effective and yet much more gentle on the physical body than other modalities that I have experienced.  When I first started with this modality, it took me a couple of months before I realized just how much had changed for me, since the change occurred so gently and easily.  Where I had felt mired in chaos, I realized I was feeling a sense of calm, yet nothing had changed in my external life. I was able to let go of the resistance (without really thinking about it), and accomplish things that I had been putting off for a long time. 

To be clear, I'm not saying that all of your problems will miraculously disappear - if we are interacting in the world at all, there will be pressures, tough decisions to make, the general busy-ness of our society, and people doing stupid things! 

I have seen though, first-hand and through others, that much of the "noise" starts to fade into the background, leaving you more energy and focus to carry on with what's important to you.  Things get much easier, and amazing synchronicities start to happen around you.

The concept of going through life with more "ease" comes up a lot in this modality.  I have to admit, at first it didn't mean very much to me - I really didn't have any concept of what ease felt like.  I didn't know anyone that seemed to be living that way, and I certainly hadn't felt it myself.  Now I know what EASE feels like!  And the more I practice CCT, the more I can feel it permeating my life. 

The 3 Phases

The first phase in a CCT session is preparation.  It relaxes the body, undoing the stress responses of "fight or flight" so that healing can occur.

The second phase utilizes the building blocks of all life, sacred geometry, to smooth our energy patterns.  (You don't need to know anything about geometry, sacred or otherwise, for this to work!) At this stage, when the body is open and receptive, conscious intention provides the direction for healing and transformation.

The last phase anchors in the healing process to the core of one's being. 

What happens in a session?

A session can be done in person or by distance and there are a variety of ways this can look like.   Similar to a Reiki session, you could have a CCT energy session.  The intention of the session is up to you;  the practitioner (that's me) establishes the framework of the energy field around you to provide you with the best energetic environment for your body and your intention.  

It's also possible to combine energy modalities in a single session:  I have a few clients who still like their Reiki treatments, so I set up a clear energy field with CCT and within that "container" deliver the Reiki treatment.  This is the structure I use with coaching calls as well - any coaching discussions take place within the "safe container" of a CCT session so that we can maximize the alignment of the body, energy, and intention with the transformation that you want to have happen.  

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions about energy work or if you'd like to experience it for yourself.