Energy foundation for moms

Do you want to get on with having more energy and less guilt?

More fun to do what you want and fewer excuses holding you back?

But not sure you're ready for the 3 month commitment...?


Let's start with the basics:  spend a couple of hours with me and we'll map out how you can boost your energy right away.  This is a private session tailored especially for you.

What you'll receive with the Energy Foundation:

  • You'll start off with a questionnaire in advance of the session so that we can make the best use of our time together
  • Then we'll have a 2 hour session by phone or online conference.  We'll go over what's going on for you, what you hope for, and put together a do-able plan to increase your energy, paying particular attention to your nourishment, your lifestyle, and your own unique values and desires.
  • You'll also receive Energy healing to assist in your transformation.


  • Four weeks of follow-up email support to help you stay on track


Isn't it time to just simply shake the slump and get on with YOUR amazing, energetic, & joyful life?


Your investment:  $197 Cdn   

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