Energy alignment

Relax, receive, and experience a shift into energetic alignment.  Being in alignment gives you the sense that everything in your life is falling into place.  You have access to greater ease and creative potential in your life. Your body has the space to do the work of repair and healing. And you experience joy more and more often.

What kind of energy work is it?

The energy alignment work that I do is predominantly Crystalline Consciousness Technique (CCT) because I find it to be so very effective and yet gentle at the same time.

I offer CCT energy sessions to clarify and anchor in your intentions for yourself, or a combination of Reiki delivered within the energetic framework of CCT.

There is also the Tree of Life Healing series which is a set of 6 CCT sessions designed to reset the balance within your body.  These sessions are particularly effective for immune function, deep emotional blocks, hip and back issues, and "female problems".

Sessions are available in blocks of 3 for $159.  


Why 3 Sessions?  Can't I just get one to try it out?

I can understand the uncertainty of committing to more than one session if you're new to this type of work.  I used to feel the same way.  Energy alignment is subtle.  Unless we're very perceptive to energy it can take awhile to notice the effects.  In addition, it's taken awhile for us to get to the place we are now, so while a change could be immediate, in most cases it is a gradual improvement in your situation and sometimes with some ups and downs along the way as things are shifting.

Honestly, my perception of energy has increased exponentially in working with CCT, but when I was first introduced to it, I received a series of mini sessions and had about 3 months pass before I realized just how much had changed!  (And I had already been working with Reiki energy for years!)

I want to provide you with a greater opportunity to notice a change. Three sessions will give you a better sense of the work than just one session, but I have purposely kept it to a small number so that it is not an overwhelming commitment.  At the same time, this also allows you to demonstrate to yourself support for your own well-being, which is often an important step, particularly for women.

Does it matter where I live?

No, all sessions are distance work, by phone or web conference.  Energy alignment transcends time and space and is equally effective when done remotely as it is in person.  While it also really does not matter whether you set aside specific time for an appointment (meaning you could schedule energy sessions to be delivered while you go about your day), I would recommend giving yourself the time to relax and consciously receive the sessions while we are in contact with each other.

Where can I find out more about Crystalline Consciousness Technique (CCT)? 

You can learn more at  You'll find me in the listings under "International Practitioners". 

What healing modalities are you trained in?

I received my Advanced (level 3) Reiki certification in 2007, and my Advanced (level 4) CCT certification in 2013.  At this point in time, I am still one of only two advanced CCT practitioners in Canada.


Do you have questions?  I'd be happy to answer them or help you determine which option will benefit you most right now.  Contact me here.