Hi, I'm Catherine, your energy mentor here at Natural Healing Connection.


Some people come to this healing journey from some trauma or illness, be it sudden or chronic.  Some of us, though, go through life comfortable enough, healthy enough, satisfied... enough.  But that sense of "enough" slowly starts to erode.  You don't notice it for a time, maybe even for a long time, until finally at some point you do.  And you realize that it really isn't enough.  There is so much more that is possible if only we have the wherewithal and the courage to reach for it.

For me, my life progressed pretty quietly, really just wanting to have a "normal" existence.  My exhaustion - in the form of anemia - crept up on me even more quietly, until I had reached a point where something was obviously wrong.

I had no energy to play with my kids, it was a struggle to focus for even my part time job, and if I sat down for long I would fall asleep.  Then one day in my late 30s, I had the unnerving sensation that I was being sucked into an abyss.  It was that black hole in front of me that scared me into understanding something had to dramatically change.

This is when all my strengths and interests and my need intersected.  It was time to actively participate in my own life.

There are two aspects to me that are key to who I am:  I am a seeker - I always have been, wanting to understand, looking for the meaning behind it all.  And second,  I'm happiest when I'm learning.

What I have had to work at was trusting myself, trusting my instincts, valuing the uniqueness.  What I didn't realize all that time was that the quietly trying to blend in and be "normal" came at a cost to being me.

I already knew quite a bit about healing and alternative therapies, but I really wasn't implementing much of it.  It was all running at low volume in the background - I was continually learning things because it's just simply the thing that I "can't-not-do", while at the same time my life and priorities were focussed in a different direction.  With these kinds of inherent conflicts in our lives, is it any wonder that we hit the proverbial wall?

We come to many points in our lives where we reach a crossroads, or like the Robert Frost poem, where the roads diverge and we ultimately have a choice to make.   I began to make more conscious, active choices and Natural Healing Connection was founded from one of those.

What background has prepared me for this?

  • My entire upbringing was a strange blend of conservative and alternative lifestyle, with a very eclectic religious/spiritual mix added in.  Low on the "normal" scale, definitely unique, I am seeing more and more how it has set the stage for where I am now.
  • A Bachelor of Arts in humanities expanded upon my many budding interests and honed my research skills.
  • A gruelling but very practical accounting designation (yes, I am an accountant!) confirmed my tenacity to follow through on what I started, and highlighted my organizational skills and attention to detail.   It also made me very aware that I need a balance in my life:  too much analytical and too little creative makes me feel very off-kilter.  Interestingly, my career has been almost exclusively in the field of health care, with much time devoted to teaching others new skills.
  • Reiki training to Master-Practitioner level were my first steps to following my intuition and branching into the healing arts.
  • Herbal studies with Rosemary Gladstar and Susun Weed expanded my connection to nature and taught me some amazingly effective remedies and the real meaning of nourishment.
  • Certification as a Nutritional Consultant rounded out my knowledge of the traditional meaning of nourishment
  • CCT (Crystalline Consciousness Technique) Advanced Practitioner training, plus the Healing the Earth protocol, has given me the tools for transformation with more ease in this changing world.  It has become an important foundation for my life and work. 
  • Warrior Goddess Facilitator certification was one of those fortuitous discoveries in expanding my training with an underlying system that meshes well with my own, and it has stretched my own comfort zone somewhat too! (by the way, HeatherAsh Amara was an apprentice of Don Miguel Ruiz)

What else is there to know about me?

I live in western Canada and spend the majority of my time with my husband and two sons.  Family is of the utmost importance to me, likely a sensibility absorbed from my Italian heritage.  I have two big dogs and a bunch of chickens, and I enjoy travelling although I don't do nearly enough of it!  I love photography and reading.  Perhaps not surprisingly, my favourite books are autobiographies by women who have experienced deep transformation in their lives.

I strongly believe that as each of us comes to live our fullest life, to find and express our unique selves, we will bring healing to ourselves, to each other, and to the Earth.

While I continue my own path to create an amazing, joyful life, I want to share what I have learned in the hope that it will empower others to find their own paths - for you to find your own essence and live your fullest life, to heal.



To your amazing, energetic, joyful life!



The soul’s greatest joy consists in discovering itself, and in helping others to achieve the same goal. (Paramahansa Yogananda)

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